Why Dental Travel is Good for You

Dental Travel is Good for you

Aside from getting a beautiful new smile and saving lots of money in the process, researchers have now proven that travel provides benefits to longevity and sustained health.

Researchers from Edith Cowan University (ECU) have studied the benefits of travel on people with health impairments and have found that holidays can “create benefits before, during and after a trip for those in poor health.”


Anticipation of travel may result in improved mental health and the ability to cope with difficult health issues. During travel, people report fewer health complaints and having more energy, while experiencing reduced exhaustion. Travel has the potential to open minds to new experiences and help people feel more alive. When paired with medial or dental procedures, travel adds increased benefits to the traveler and helps patients improve healing and reduce stress commonly associated with medical or dental care.

Scholars also report that there is growing evidence that demonstrates that travel can be “deeply meaningful, transcendent and help develop important connections within an individual’s life.” We all search for meaning and a sense of purpose in our lives. Travel helps us see the perspectives of others and gives us insight into our own lives that are not otherwise possible. Travel connects us to others and makes us better people.

Travel to a foreign country can be frightening for some. Traveling to a foreign country for dental care can add an additional layer of concern and fear. There are many outstanding dental clinics in international location. Costa Rica and Guatemala have some of the best dental clinics in Latin America. Patients that conduct proper research and choose a dental clinic that meets international standards for care and demonstrates a commitment to qualitative results and patient satisfaction will almost always have a more positive experience than those patients that seek the lowest priced dental care.

While traveling for dental care, make sure to allow time for personal exploration and enjoyment. Dental care is serious. Patients that receive dental surgery will require time for healing and recuperation. Patients are encouraged not to schedule their return home immediately following surgery, but to spend additional days for rest and relaxation. Patients that wish to indulge in some sightseeing or tourism activities should plan to do this before dental care is initiated or after completion of your dental care with approval from your attending dentist.

“My wife and I both traveled from New Orleans to Goodness Dental in Costa Rica for our dental care,” says Derk Wyatt, a Baton Rouge, Louisiana native. “We were skeptical at first, but once we felt comfortable, we realized what a life-changing adventure this could be for us. Our lives have forever been changed by the incredible people and experiences that dental tourism has given us. We highly recommend that everyone gives it a try. We knew that we would save allot of money on dental care. But what we didn’t expect were the relationships and experiences that have opened our eyes to the joys of travel.”

There are tremendous benefits to travel. Patients that travel for dental care such as dental implants, All on 4 or a full mouth reconstruction now have additional evidence to support increased health benefits in addition to proven savings on dental treatments.

Research courtesy of “Terminal illness and tourism: A review of current literature and directions for future research’ by G. Willson, A.J. McIntosh, A. Morgan and D. Saunders, published in Tourism Recreation Research.