To support America’s military veterans, Goodness Dental in Costa Rica offers special discounts on dental care services to US military veterans.

More than 20 Million US Veterans have no dental insurance or lack sufficient dental insurance to cover expensive procedures such as dental implants and full mouth restorations. The Veterans Administration offers dental care to select veterans that qualify for coverage. Most US service veterans return home to discover that they do not qualify for any government coverage for dental services unless they are fully disabled, a POW, or their dental problems are service related. VA dental clinics across the nation treat only 500,000 veterans every year, leaving more than nineteen million veterans without access to dental care benefits

To support America’s brave military veterans, Goodness Dental in Costa Rica offers special discounts on dental care services to US military veterans. “Smiles for Heroes” was developed to give back to America’s neglected and underserved veterans.

“We provide an additional discount for US military veterans. It’s our way of saying ‘thank you for your service’ in a way that really makes a difference to those who have served our country and kept generations of people safe all around the world.”

Most veterans return home from service with no dental insurance benefits of any kind. Unable to afford the care they need, their dental and oral health suffers, leaving many veterans with severely damaged teeth and equally damaged self-esteem. Goodness Dental hopes to improve the lives of veterans suffering from dental problems, to increase their chances of securing employment, and to help reduce significant health issues such as heart disease and stroke, which are often related to oral and periodontal disease.

US veterans have limited access to the dental care they need. Most Americans agree that our veterans deserve better. For decades, American politicians have debated and pledged to improve healthcare for veterans. Over the past fifty years, little has improved for veterans who have given their lives and often their health to serve our nation. Dental clinics like Goodness Dental demonstrate that we can all do our part to help our neglected and underserved veterans.

William Goodness WW2 Vet


Patrick Goodness was inspired to develop the “Smiles for Heroes” program by his father, a 92-year-old WWII Veteran.

“My father is fortunate to have most of his natural teeth. But many veterans that we see are not so lucky. Most have lost several teeth and need dental implants or full mouth restorations to regain their health.”

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