Why Choose Us

Girl standing next to Goodness Dental sign Dentist and and his assistant working on a patient at Goodness Dental in Costa Rica Smiling man and woman in front of Goodness Dental sign


Competitive Prices

Goodness Dental offers guaranteed quality, affordable pricing and US standards. We won’t ever tell you that we have the lowest prices. You can’t hire leading specialists and use the highest quality materials and still offer the lowest prices. While our prices are always affordable, we focus on providing our patients with the best possible care using the best technology and the highest quality materials.

American Owned & Managed

Goodness Dental is American owned and operated. Our patient coordinators are dentists, medical specialists, and highly-trained treatment planning specialists. Their only goal is to help patients find safe, affordable dental care. No high-pressure sales…just respected professionals giving solid advice and guidance.

ADA and OSHA Compliant

We comply with all American Dental Association and OSHA guidelines for the health and safety of our patients.


Goodness Dental is accredited and meets the highest international standards for patient care and safety. Accreditation is a promise between Goodness Dental and our patients, demonstrating that we have your best interests at heart. Our commitment to quality is documented by an independent third-party healthcare accreditation organization.

Patients Before Profits

Every business needs to make a profit. We’re no different. But at Goodness Dental, we put the needs of our patients ahead of company profits. Just ask our patients.

Lifetime Guarantee on Titanium Dental Implants

Goodness Dental offers a Lifetime Guarantee on our top-rated titanium dental implants. If for any reason your dental implant should fail, we’ll replace it for free…for life! Compare our guarantee to other competitors and see why Goodness Dental is the best dental team.

English Speaking Dentists

Every one of our specialists speaks fluent English for easy communication.

We Make Dental Care Fun

Ok…perhaps we can’t make dental care “fun”…but we love taking care of our patients. You’ll feel it right away. We’ll take great care of you and we’ll do our best to help you enjoy every minute of your dental care with Goodness Dental.

We’ll give you a beautiful smile…and lots of reasons to feel like smiling.

So SMILE…or as we say in Costa Rica, Sonria!

You’ll love every minute at Goodness Dental Boutique.