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How Goodness Dental Makes Dreams a Reality

Imagine that there is a world-class dental clinic where you would be warmly greeted and put immediately at ease. In this dental clinic, everyone on the staff is relaxed, confident, caring. You can’t recall a time when you were treated so well. Oh…and the coffee at the complimentary snack bar is amazing!

When you are guided to the examining room, you notice how bright and sparkling everything is, how calm and confident you feel in this lovely environment. The carefully arranged certificates in the entry demonstrate that indeed the dentists here are highly qualified and experienced. What you notice is that almost every dentist is a specialist. You don’t see this at local clinics in the USA.

The dentist you are here to see greets you by name and in English. He has seen your x-rays, gone over your dental history and worked with you to design a treatment plan that you are both confident will deliver a remarkable transformation in your future: the ability to smile with genuine enthusiasm.

Gone will be the pain and discomfort. Embarrassment about the appearance of your teeth will be history. For the first time in quite a while you will be able to eat whatever you want without concerns about chewing or pain.

And for the first time in years you are not worried about being able to afford the treatment you need. You’ve been given accurate figures and the treatment plan is not only affordable, but a fraction of what you’ve been quoted for similar work in the past. Solutions that are implant-based, the gold standard for tooth replacement and restoration, are going to make your beautiful new smile possible. No longer will you have to settle for second-best solutions.

You, like so many of our patients, are going to get exactly what you need, the same quality of materials and excellent care you’d expect at home, all delivered at an affordable price, all from the professionals you have come to trust at Goodness Dental in Costa Rica. A full radiology department is unlike any in the nation. Overstuffed leather recliners in the patient recovery room are the ultimate in post-surgical recovery. Every detail seems to be perfectly planned. It’s hard not to be impressed by what you see.

Pick up the phone and let’s talk. We’ll help arrange everything. Not only do our dentists speak English, our dental patient coordination staff is managed by retired dentists from the US.

We welcome your call and look forward to earning your confidence.

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