Embracing our goodness compels us to give to those in need.

Throughout Costa Rica, many children and elderly adults do not receive adequate dental care. Some simply don’t receive any dental care at all. They don’t understand proper dental techniques and their parents don’t have the resources to pay for the care they need. Additionally, many children have silver and mercury amalgam fillings that could potentially expose their growing bodies to toxic mercury. Many elderly adults suffer from missing or rotting teeth, resulting in severe bone loss, rampant tooth decay, gum disease and oral infection.

At Goodness Dental, we’re making a difference.

When you choose Goodness Dental, 1% of all company profits will be used to help provide free dental care and dental supplies for children and elderly adults in Costa Rica. These funds allow us to travel to remote or under-served communities to provide free dental care for those most in need. Abused children with broken teeth will receive new teeth to allow them to smile again. Children with severe tooth decay will receive white amalgam fillings along with proper dental education and dental care supplies. Teenagers with embarrassing teeth alignment will receive braces and a chance to regain their self-confidence. Elderly adults with missing teeth will receive implants or bridges to restore their ability to eat and chew normally again.

Let’s make a difference together.

By choosing Goodness Dental for your dental care needs, we will donate 1% of company profits to Acts of Goodness, to provide dental care to children and elderly adults living in poverty in Costa Rica.

Round It Up:

If you want to do more to help provide dental care to people in need, just tell us to “Round It Up”! When you receive your final invoice from us, you’ll have the option to round up the total to the nearest even number. We’ll donate 100% of these funds to Acts of Goodness. We’ll take your photo and will post it to our website and social media pages to get the word out!

Let’s do some good…For Goodness’ Sake!

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