Patient Testimonials

Goodness Dental in Costa Rica

The Goodness Dental Team is passionate about providing the best dental care to our patients. This is why we do what we do. If you’d like to view more videos, please click here.

“Dr. Chin did a fabulous job and Dr. Brenes who did my aesthetic work, prosthodontist – absolutely amazing work. I absolutely recommend coming here to get your teeth done.”
-Anthony Ballard

“They have made me feel as comfortable as I could possibly feel. All I can say is that if you’re coming to Goodness Dental, just relax. They take very good care of you.”
-Alan Eisenson

“I would highly recommend coming to Goodness Dental for any dental work that you need done. Everyone in the clinic speaks English and it’s very comfortable being here. This is a great place to come!”
-Mary Kissinger


“Everything has been so well organized and the staff here is so thoughtful…They truly care about you. There is no where else I would rather go or I would make sure my loved ones would go here because there’s no place better.”
-David A.

“I will tell everyone the rest of my life to come here. It changed my life. I am happy to look at myself in the mirror again…and after two years of not wanting to, it’s a really wonderful thing.”
-Laurie Ann

“You feel very loved and cared for here. You get to know everyone on a first name basis. I now have a mouthful of teeth. They feel stronger than my own teeth. Your life will be changed forever. When your dental work is completed, you’re going to want to come back to Costa Rica to give these people a hug and remind them how much they changed your life.”


“It’s been a long journey, but I’m really glad that I chose Goodness Dental. I did my research and these guys are the best. They’ve become my family…This is the best choice I’ve ever made for myself. Thank you Goodness Dental!”
-Marco Verges

“I came to Goodness Dental because I did research on dental services in Costa Rica. I found so many wonderful reviews and video testimonials. The service has been incredible in Costa Rica at this facility. Everyone has been very friendly and I’ve been very happy with the work. I wouldn’t hesitate to come to Costa Rica and have dental work done. These guys are terrific and I would give them 5 stars!”
-Bonita Gore

“Goodness Dental did a really awesome job. They were very gentle, truthful. Ms. Goodness is just absolutely awesome. The things that they did for me [i.e. getting groceries, providing face masks for my wife who is a nurse] was just tremendous. Definitely the number one clinic, best dental office, I’ve ever been to!”
-Sam Mcvea


“The staff were amazing. I walked in and it was such a clean place. I got veneers and I am just really happy I chose them. They are absolutely amazing.”
-Jennifer Amos

“I needed some serious dental work and I came to Costa Rica seeking some serious savings. I was skeptical at first, but after seeing the results that I got, I am so glad that I went through with it. I have a great smile, and I have no regrets.”
-Cory Major

“Goodness Dental has been nothing short of incredible. My teeth were completely gone before I came here. As you can see, they’re 100% better. I really enjoyed this place. They’ve been nothing but helpful and they gave me my confidence back. I can’t thank them enough!”
-Miguel Torres


“I came to Costa Rica to Goodness Dental and I’ve had a fantastic experience. I was very nervous when I came in and the staff made me feel very comfortable from the beginning. I would suggest it for anyone. Come here and enjoy yourself. You will have a fantastic experience!”
-Mark Poitras

“I just finished up a wonderful week with Goodness Dental… Best dental care and dental work I’ve ever had. The thing about Costa Rica that just can’t compare in the United States is the customer service. I would highly recommend it. As a physician practicing in the United States, the training here is top. It’s just as good as the US. It’s having the experience and the right technology, and they have that here.”
-Dr. Henry Boilini

“I came here to Goodness Dental because all my top teeth were a mess. I needed full implants up top. The staff has been incredible, the doctors are incredible. It’s also a great place to come and enjoy the weather. The work was just impeccable. I would highly recommend
-Patrick Ladley


“I was recommended to come to Costa Rica for my dental work. I settled on Goodness Dental for my dental work and I’m so happy I did. I was missing a large portion of my teeth for almost a year and a half and today I got my final crowns. For the first time in a year and a half, I can smile with confidence.”
-Suzanne Williams

“Dr. Alfaro has completely changed my life. The moment I walked in here to right this second when I am leaving, I felt taken care of. I’ve had a great experience with all the people here. If you’re looking for this [dental care], this is the place you need to go.”
-Janet Terensky

“It’s been nothing but exceptional service since I got here. From the walk through the door, the overwhelming acceptance of wanting to help me. It was a challenge that Goodness Dental was willing to help me overcome. I love my smile!”
-Tyreece Hawkins


“Wow! They are awesome here at Goodness Dental. I compared pricing from five clinics in Florida, compared to here and it was a third of the cost… I am very, very, very happy! I am thrilled and I’ll be back in 6 months to finish!”
-Sandy Harris

“I decided on Goodness Dental…I get to choose the type of treatment I wanted and the extent of the treatment. I elected to have all of my teeth worked on this trip…”
-Mark Beckmann

“Basically I hid my smile for the last 20 years, and once I was introduced to Goodness Dental, the job they did was just incredible. From the patient care to the actual work itself, and the savings…”
-Zane Carpenter


“It’s been incredible…professionals, caring people I could not recommend them any higher. If there was something higher than 5 stars, I’d go 10, I’d go 20 stars! Goodness Dental, they are the best.”
-Christopher Weinland

“Goodness Dental picked us up, they took us everywhere we had to go. From getting prescriptions to going to the hospital for tests; everywhere we went, they were with us. …the whole experience has been a good one.”
-Dawn Wagenschutz

“My experience at Goodness Dental was absolutely awesome. My dentist was very, very thorough; paid a lot of attention to every little detail and she was a perfectionist.”
-Rebecca Jones


“I got the prices checked out in New York and it was $4,000 as a minimum for one tooth…I called and spoke to people here and it all sounded great.”
-Steve Burton

“I feel amazing! It’s been about a week since I got my implants and I haven’t taken any pain medication. I’m doin’ great. Loving Costa Rica, loving Goodness Dental. This was a life-changing experience.”
-Jimbob Hempel