Sue Hallstrom

Patient Hospitality Coordination | US Toll-Free: Costa Rica Phone Number (866) 406-2744

Hospitality coordinator Sue Hallstrom

For more than 25 years, this Minnesota native and long-term resident of Idaho has called Costa Rica home.

We have a secret that Sue doesn’t want anyone to know. Sue is more than 80 years old…and has the youngest heart of anyone on our team. She is warm, kind and always willing to share her life experience and her love of Costa Rica with our patients.

Sue is one of our Hospitality Coordinators and works closely with patients to help them plan the details of their dental tourism vacation in Costa Rica. Sue knows every corner of Costa Rica and is a wonderful resource for our patients seeking great deals on hotels, restaurants, rental cars, tours and off the beaten path wonders of Costa Rica.

Sue can also be found chauffeuring our patients to and from their hotels. You’ve heard of UBER. We’d like to introduce you to SUEBER! When Sue isn’t on the phone with our patients or shuttling them around in between appointments, you can find her out enjoying an active social life or at the beach. She is also a mother and grandmother and enjoys seeing her family when she visits the USA. Sue is a joy to have in our clinic and a delight to work with. Please make sure to meet Sue when you come to Goodness Dental!

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