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See each patient’s transformation. They were thrilled with the results!

Joel Toelle

All on 5 | Dental Implants | Crowns

All on 5 Dental Implants Costa Rica
All on 5 implants Costa Rica
All on 5 Costa Rica

Great service.

Picked me up and delivered me back and forth no driving. Friendly people, nice friendly country, excellent service, gave me my teeth back for a reasonable price.”

– Joel Toelle

Amy McIntyre

All on 4 | Dental Implants | Crowns

Dental Implants Costa Rica
Dental Implants in Costa Rica
Implants Costa Rica

Terrific experience!

Like most Americans, I was hesitant to consider dental work in another country. I am very glad I took the leap. Everyone in the practice was exemplary. Dr. Peter Aborn took one look at my panoramic x-ray and diagnosed a problem that had been bothering me since the late 1980s. Every 6 months I would ask my dentist in Texas about a tender tooth. Each time I was told they didn’t see anything. Peter saw it immediately – and it was the x-ray taken by my dentist in Texas. They had to perform surgery due to an impacted wisdom tooth. I felt better immediately, even though I had to heal from the surgery.

Amazing! I received diagnostics or services from the periodontist, the prosthodontist, the oral surgeon and the general dentist. My work was facilitated by Dr. Karen Yurell. She was available 24/7 and answered any questions or concerns immediately – so helpful. Patrick and Terri Goodness, the owners, were great! They were both very helpful when I needed assistance with transportation and lodging. Really above and beyond.

When I came back from CR, I had great smile and new friends. I look forward to going back to San Jose to visit.”

– Amy McIntyre

Shirley Green

Hybrid Fixed Denture | Implants | Crowns

Hybrid Dental Implants Costa Rica
Costa Rica Dental Implants

“I am very pleased with the incredible service I have received at Goodness Dental. I am extremely pleased with the results of my implants and crowns.

The Dentist and staff were so kind and reassuring all through my treatment. I am looking forward to returning for my final appointment for Hybrid fixed denture. Thank you to my new friends in Costa Rica!”

– Shirley Greene

Kenneth Granville

All on 4 | Hybrid Bridge | Dental Implants | Crowns

All on 4 Costa Rica
All on 4 dental implants Costa Rica

“After receiving three estimates for total mouth restoration in the United states I decided to check out the services in Costa Rica and I can not be more pleased with the excellent care I received. The hygiene of the facilities, the clinicians and the price were remarkable. This was the best decision I could have made for my new smile. The staff is very personable, knowledgeable and really concerned for your well being and care. I recommend most highly!”

– Kenneth Granville

Bruce Snipes

Full Mouth Reconstruction | Sinus Lift | Dental Implants | Crowns

Full Mouth Reconstruction Costa Rica
Full Mouth Reconstruction in  Costa Rica
Costa Rica Full Mouth Reconstruction

“My husband just completed Phase II of III of total dental reconstruction at Goodness Dental.

We could not be more pleased with the results so far and anticipate total perfection upon completion in October. The facilities are new and sparkling clean. The dentists and staff are superb and each with excellent credentials. Their warm, thoughtful, and kind personalities make it a pleasure to be in their company. Treat yourself to the very best dental experience possible. You cannot go wrong going to Goodness Dental in San Jose, Costa Rica.”

– Linda Snipes