Commentary: Costa Rican dentistry

Costa Rican dentistry

By Richard Davis

Imagine combining a trip to a lush tropical country full of a diversity of landscape, flora and fauna with a trip to a dentist. Sounds like an unlikely itinerary, but that’s what a lot of Americans and Canadians do every year.

There are two reasons that people come to Costa Rica for dental care. They know that the quality of care is up to U.S. standards in most cases and that they will pay from 25 to 50 percent of what they would in their home country.

To find the right dental clinic, you have to do a little homework, but my research should save you some time. I am not receiving any compensation from the Goodness (happens to be the CEO’s last name) Dental Clinic, but I have been a patient and I can tell you about my experience.

After doing a little web searching and emailing I was called on the phone first by Sue Hallstrom, a Minnesota ex-pat, who coordinates scheduling and transportation for the clinic patients. She gave me an overview of the clinic and answered a lot of my questions. A few days later Dr. Peter Aborn, another U.S. expat, called me and filled me in on dental treatment details.

Aborn, a specialist in prosthodontics, has a very long resume that includes teaching in New York and running a private practice there for 18 years. He came to Costa Rica to get away from the grind of production dentistry and to use his skills in more beneficial ways for a wider variety of people.

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