Why is Goodness Dental so Affordable?

Why does dental care cost less in Costa Rica?

Top Brands Cost Less in Central America

Most Americans are surprised to discover that the price for medications, surgery and many other products and services is lower in Latin America.

It costs us less to purchase name brand dental implants and materials, allowing us to charge our patients less.

Free Education

The average dentist in the USA graduates from dental school with a tuition debt of more than $200,000. Opening a dental practice in the USA can cost more than $500,000. Paired with the high price of dental materials and equipment and the sky high cost of insurance, most dentists start out with huge amounts of debt before they begin to practice.

Since education is free in Costa Rica, our dentists often graduate with no debt. Our surgeons that trained in the USA, received scholarships, allowing them to return home with no debt. This allows us to keep our pricing low.

Supply & Demand

In the USA, there are too few dentists and other health care professionals to meet the huge demand for care. The opposite is true in Central America. There are literally thousands of excellent dentists and dental surgeons in Costa Rica. There are more dentists in this small country than are needed.

So, dental care is priced very low to be competitive. These low prices attract Americans to take advantage of the savings. We gladly pass these savings onto our patients.

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