How to Schedule an Appointment:

Scheduling an appointment for dental care with Goodness Dental in Costa Rica is simple.

Step 1

Fill Out a Form: Just fill out a form and one of our Patient Coordinators will contact you to discuss your dental care needs.

Call us Toll-Free: One of our Patient Coordinators will speak with you & help you plan your dental care, budgeting and travel needs. Costa Rica: Costa Rica Phone Number (866) 406-2744.

Send us an email: One of our Patient Coordinators will call you to discuss your needs and create a treatment plan to give you a beautiful smile at an affordable price.

Step 2

Documents and X-Rays:
Send us documents that help us create an accurate treatment plan and budget for you. We will want to see any x-rays, dental records, current treatment plans from other clinics and photos of your teeth and smile.

Step 3

Treatment Plan:
Our Patient Coordinator will create a treatment plan for you and help you understand every details of the treatment process. We’ll discuss options, pricing, timing and will do our best to answer your questions to make you feel comfortable with your decision.

Step 4

Once you have decided to move forward, our Care Coordinator will contact you to discuss your travel plans, and help you choose the best accommodations for your stay. Our Care Coordinator will also schedule your appointments and arrange all transportation from the airport to one of our approved hotel partners, and to Goodness Dental for your dental appointments.

Step 5

Once your travel is confirmed, our Business Manager will contact you to discuss your payment options. Goodness Dental accepts many forms of payment. Goodness Dental is partnered with Advance Care Card to help patients get financing for their dental care.

Step 6

Pack Your Bags:
We’ll see you soon, ready to give you a beautiful new smile at Goodness Dental!