Vayolla Quirós

Business Manager | +(506) 4037-0040

Business manager Vayolla Quirós

It takes a skilled professional to keep a busy dental practice running smoothly. Vayolla manages many of the operational units at Goodness Dental, including staffing and clinic finances.

She is smart, resourceful and always willing to lend a helping hand. Most patients meet Vayolla when they pay for their dental care. Most of our patients save 50-70% on their dental care, and Vayolla makes the entire process as pain-free as possible! From staffing needs to scheduling and almost everything in between, Vayolla is involved in almost every detail of the practice management. She has a contagious laugh and a beautiful smile…to match her kind and loving personality.

When you meet Vayolla, she will give you a big hug and welcome you to the clinic. Stop in and say hello to Vayolla and she will likely show you a photo of her true love, her son Sebastian. When not managing the practice, Vayolla can be found with her son enjoying those precious moments that pass too quickly!

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