Dental Scheduling

We look forward to your upcoming visit at Goodness Dental. Goodness Dental is ranked as one of the Top 5 Dental clinics in the world due to our commitment to quality patient care and long-lasting results.

As you know, dental care is health care. Your dental care will be provided by our team of 45 talented dental specialists, dentists, dental assistants and support staff. Our dental lab and our dental lab partners are also am important of a successful dental experience. 

We will do our best to schedule your appointments in a timely manner. Before you arrive, we will provide you with a tentative appointment schedule. However, please understand that appointment dates and times may change when you arrive. With more complex cases, it is almost assured that your treatment schedule will change.  

We take your treatment seriously and ask you to do the same. If you choose Goodness Dental for your dental care, please make dental care your top priority. We understand that you may want to visit our beautiful beaches, hot springs, volcanoes and jungles. These are all wonderful ways to enjoy your time in Costa Rica. However, we cannot schedule your dental care around your vacation. Successful dental care requires your full participation and presence at all scheduled appointments. We encourage you to plan sufficient time to complete your dental care without rushing your treatment, and we encourage our patients to schedule vacation time after your dental care is complete.

Working together, we will do our best to provide you with the best possible dental care experience and lost-lasting results. We look forward to your visit to Goodness Dental.

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