Do you have questions about the patient experience with Goodness Dental? Call or email any of our Patient Ambassadors for honest insights and tips about their experience with Goodness Dental. Our Patient Ambassadors received dental care at Goodness Dental and have volunteered to help answer questions from other patients considering Goodness Dental.

Important: All Patient Ambassadors are unpaid and have kindly agreed to share their thoughts and advice with prospective Goodness Dental patients.

Goodness Dental Patient Testimonials


Derk Wyatt: Derk lived his entire life hiding his smile. He’s not hiding his smile anymore…and he’s happy to help other patients with their dream smile.

Rhonda Wyatt: Rhonda is a meticulous researcher and is happy to share her insights and perspectives on the dental tourism experience with Goodness Dental.

“They have excellent specialists to meet every need, they are all incredible people that have become like family and they are all very caring people. I can’t say enough good things about this company. Everyone speaks English, they transported us to and from the airport and from our hotel. In other words, they offer an amazing complete service opportunity and I highly recommend them!” ~ Rhonda Wyatt

Patient Testimonial for Goodness Dental in Costa Rica

New York:

Larry Gell: Larry received a full mouth restoration and is happy to share his experience with other patients.

“I’m as happy as can be. The dentists here have been trained in some of the best dental schools in the US. I felt no pain whatsoever – and I feel great!” ~ Larry Gell

Patient Ambassador at Goodness Dental


Danielle Henker: Danielle came to Goodness Dental for cosmetic dental work and root canals. She is happy to help other patients who may need similar care.

“Goodness Dental staff were extremely friendly and took excellent care of me. The prices were very affordable and I saved more than 70% when compared to prices in the US. I was treated like family and will definitely refer Goodness Dental to my family and friends.” ~ Danielle Henker


Christopher P Weinland

“It’s been incredible…professionals, caring people I could not recommend them any higher. If there was something higher than 5 stars, I’d go 10, I’d go 20 stars! Goodness Dental, they are the best.” ~ Christopher Weinland

Patient Ambassador at Goodness Dental


Joel Toelle: Joel’s life was changed with his new smile and he’s happy to share his experience with others!

“Great service. Picked me up and delivered me back and forth no driving. Friendly people, nice friendly country, excellent service, gave me my teeth back for a reasonable price.” ~ Joel Toelle

Patient Ambassador at Goodness Dental


William Dempsey: William received a full mouth restoration and is willing to share his experience with other interested patients.

“Goodness Dental performed in an outstanding manner on my treatment for implants. A Highly professional and competent staff completed the first phase of my treatment with compassion and courtesy. Not only top notch technically but very accommodating to my personal and travel requirements. I highly recommend Goodness Dental for any type of dental work.” ~ William Dempsey

Patient Ambassador at Goodness Dental

New Mexico:

Ellis Randolph: Ellis received multiple dental implants and is pleased to discuss his care experience with other patients.

“It was a great experience with Goodness Dental! Everything went very well and was exactly as suggested. I also feel like I have made some new very good friends!” ~ Ellis Randolph


Daniel Cameron, Jr.: Daniel received dental implants and crowns during his visit. He traveled with his wife, who also received extensive dental care. Daniel did lots of research and can share why he chose Goodness Dental several other clinics.

“The “TEAM” at Goodness Dental is actually a “Team”. They look after you from start to finish. I came for one implant and will be back for others because they do FANTASTIC work. I talked to other dentists at home and they could not touch the work nor the pricing of GOODNESS Dental.” ~ Daniel Cameron

Patient Ambassador at Goodness Dental

Genevieve Dickerson: Genevieve received a full mouth restoration that she is proud to show off. Genevieve tells everyone she meets how her new smile has changed her life. If you have any doubts about whether to choose Goodness Dental, call Genevieve!