How Affordable is Dental Care in Costa Rica?

Rising dental care costs in the USA are giving everyone a toothache.  As the bills grow, so does the need for an alternative solution like affordable Dental Care in Costa Rica.

Our comprehensive guide has everything you need – from the best clinics and dentists to potential savings for your budget.

Read on to discover other patient’s reviews and much more!

Benefits of Affordable Dental Care in Costa Rica

Affordable dental work in Costa Rica is why thousands of patients visit Costa Rica every month. Why travel to Costa Rica for dental care?

Big Savings of up to 70%

  • Experience substantial cost savings in Costa Rica – up to 70% less than US dental expenses.
  • Benefit from quality care without compromising your budget.

Top-Notch Dentistry at Best Clinics

  • Goodness Dental in Costa Rica follows American and international standards for outstanding care.
  • Leading-edge technology provides patients with a comfortable experience and superior results.

Dream Tourist Escape

  • Turn your dental trip into an adventure in Costa Rica’s tropical paradise – beaches and sunshine for days!

Skilled and Bilingual Dentists

Easy Travel with Cheap Flights

  • Getting here is a breeze! Short flights (4-5 hours) from the US mean less time traveling and more time smiling.

Cost of Dental Care in Costa Rica

The cost of dental work in Costa Rica is 50% to 70% less than you’d pay in the US and Canada.

For example, dental implants in Costa Rica are just $950. Compare that to the hefty $4000 to $5000 price tag for a single dental implant in the USA and the savings are clear!

The all-on-4 dental implant procedure costs around $26,500 in Costa Rica. In the USA, prices for the same all on 4 dental implant procedure range from $45,000 to $150,000.

Imagine the smiles your wallet will have with these incredible savings!

Find the procedure you need and its cost-saving deal in our table below.

Dental Work in Costa Rica vs US & Canada Cost Comparison 

Dental Procedure Costa Rica Prices* US/Canada Prices* Savings
Dental Implant $950 $5,000 81%
All-on-4/6 (Full Mouth)** Starts at $26,450 $45,000 / $150,000 59%-83%
Dentures $750 $3,000 75%
Porcelain Veneers $525 $1,000 60%
Teeth Whitening $550 $650 15%
Crowns $525 $1,100 52%

**Includes: IV sedation, implants, removable denture, alveoloplasty, multi-kit components, night guard and x-rays
*Prices are in USD and case-dependent. Contact us for a free quote!

Best Dental Treatments

Top Dental Procedures in Costa Rica

Costa Rica dental clinics have you covered with a variety of dental treatments. Here’s a rundown of some sought-after procedures you can find at our dental clinic in Costa Rica:

All on 4/6 Dental Implants
Want a whole set of teeth with just a few implants? All on 4/6 implants are your go-to solution.

  • Savings: 56%

Single Dental Implant
Missing a tooth? No problem! A dental implant is an artificial tooth root replacement, giving you a confident smile.

  • Savings: 81%

Dental Veneers
Dreaming of a Hollywood smile? Porcelain veneers, those thin ceramic covers, can transform your front teeth.

  • Savings: 60%

Dental Crowns
Got a damaged tooth? Crowns, the solution for damaged teeth, come in different types to save the day.

  • Savings: 52%

Teeth Whitening
Coffee stains or signs of aging got you down? You need teeth whitening to brighten up that smile.

  • Savings: 15%

For a full smile makeover, dentures are excellent devices. They replace natural teeth and offer extra support for your cheeks and lips.

  • Savings: 75%

Exciting, right? Not only do you get top-quality procedures, but you also enjoy potential cost savings compared to the US.

Best Dental Clinic in Costa Rica

Imagine choosing a clinic that was crowned the Best Dental Clinic in Costa Rica for seven consecutive years. That’s Goodness Dental.

These features make this clinic sought-after:

  • Internationally certified dentists by prestigious bodies like the American Prosthodontic Society and the Costa Rica Dental Surgeons Board.
  • Advanced technology for precise and effective dental procedures.
  • International certification that meets high standards in dental care.
  • Adheres to the guidelines set by the ADA (American Dental Association) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).