What to Do Before Getting a Full-Mouth Restoration in Costa Rica

Full Mouth Restoration
Today, full-mouth restorations use standard procedures with little to no risk. They are performed routinely in many countries all around the world. Nevertheless, a full-mouth restoration still involves dental surgery and as such, before traveling to Central America there are some steps to prepare in order to make your treatment and trip as smooth and painless as possible.

Firstly, you need to communicate with Goodness Dental in Costa Rica, including a discussion about what your expectations are and whether you have any health conditions that they should be aware of. Patients with diabetes, hypertension, aids or any STD, pregnancy, coagulation problems, or any other chronic or severe health condition should inform their dentists to prevent complications and establish whether you are a candidate for the procedures involved in restoring your mouth.

Am I a Candidate for Full Mouth Restoration?

dental xrayDepending on your condition and the expected dental procedures, you might also have to take a few tests required by the dentists. These will include x-rays. But your case might require other tests as well including blood chemistry, coagulation times, ultrasounds, or others. You will need to send the results of these tests to Goodness Dental before treatment. Goodness Dental can also arrange for these tests at affordable costs in Costa Rica.
Based on the discretion of the dentists, you might also need to make some changes to your lifestyle. These might include suspending temporarily some of your medications or taking other medications for a short period time, changing your diet, stopping smoking or even reduce or suspend exercise and other physical activities.
You will likely need time to recover after any dental surgery. Most patients feel they can resume their normal activities three to four days after dental procedures. Still, it is recommended that you avoid any rigorous activities, including driving and working for at least five days if possible. Also, take into account that every body is different and that you might need more time to recover than the usual. This is especially true if you are elderly or suffer from a health condition or disease that affects your normal lifestyle.

Expect a few bumps in the road.

Most American and Canadian full-mouth restoration patients have no complications with their trip or their treatment. As long as you’re relatively healthy, your treatment and preparations will require few adjustments, if any and you’ll be back to enjoy all types of food soon enough. Some patients however should expect some minor changes that may affect the length of their treatment or the amount of recovery time needed. Thorough clinics like Goodness Dental ensure that their patient’s safety always comes first, by implementing a comprehensive pre-treatment and post-treatment protocol. Thousands of patients come to Goodness Dental every year for affordable, high quality dental care including all on 4, full mouth restorations and complete smile makeovers.

Pick up the phone and learn how you can get a full mouth restoration in Costa Rica at huge savings when compared to dental care in the USA and Canada.

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