Dental Implants in Costa Rica: Getting Over Your Concerns

Dental Implant Concerns

Going to the dentist in the USA is expensive and causes most patients to feel worry or anxiety. Going to the dentist in another country can be even more daunting as patients may feel that they are in unfamiliar territory. But don’t let fear stop you from getting the smile you want.  This article will offer several ways to manage your fears to take a step forward with your dental care in Costa Rica.  

  1. Knowledge is Power: Learn about all the aspects of the procedure

Most fear comes from the unknown. If the reason you’re considering dental implants in Costa Rica to save money, it’s also important to know the details of the clinic and the specialists responsible for your care. Ask the dentist about all the details of the procedure. Obviously, if you have a medical complication, you should inform your dentist about it to reduce your risk. Once you know more about the procedure, you will feel better about your dental implant concerns. These calls also allow you to build a personal relationship with your doctor, which is very important to your overall comfort and satisfaction.

  1. With Proper Sedation & Anesthesia, Pain is Minimal or Non-Existent

We offer our patients the most advanced options for conscious sedation and anesthesia to reduce or eliminate pain from your dental care. You’ll be surprised to know that most patients feel minimal or no pain at all when receiving dental implants. A quick recovery can be expected for patients without medical complications. Well-managed sedation and anesthesia ensure that most patients can walk immediately following the procedure. We recommend that most patients spend one or two days resting and recovering after any dental surgery.

  1. Get Your Smile Back Again

Imagine what life will be like once you have your dental implants. Imagine being able to smile and laugh again without fear of ridicule. Imagine being able to eat whatever you want again. Imagine being able to speak in public without embarrassment. Once you visualize a future that you feel enthusiastic about, your concerns and worries will disappear.

  1. Speedy Recovery & Warm Climate to Relax

While you’ll be up in your feet in two or three days, you might have some degree of discomfort for a few days more. This might include swelling, bleeding, or pain. However, these symptoms are foreseen and handled in advance with anti-inflammatory, painkillers, and other medication. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of taking a common over-the-counter pain killer.

Still, if you’re planning on doing strenuous activities, we recommend that you do them before your dental surgery. After the procedure, it’s still a good idea to limit yourself to mostly relaxing and resting, preferably on a sandy beach or next to the pool. If you come from a colder climate, you’ll love how warm and inviting life is in Costa Rica and Guatemala.

  1. High Success Rates

The rate of success with dental implants is very high, about 97-98%, which are overwhelming odds that you’ll be back to your normal life without any incidents. Not only that, you’ll have saved quite a bit and spent a few days in the beautiful attractions that Costa Rica has to offer. Goodness Dental is ranked the #1 dental clinic in Costa Rica for qualitative results and the #7 dental clinic in the world by Global Clinic Rating.

  1. Lifetime Guarantee

Goodness Dental offers a lifetime guarantee on titanium dental implants. If your implants should fail for any reason, you can return to Goodness Dental to receive a replacement implant at no additional charge. We stand behind our work, which is why Goodness Dental is consistently recognized as the best dental clinic in Costa Rica.

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