All-on-4 in Costa Rica

All-on-4 in Costa Rica

The Cost for Incredible Dental Care in Paradise

Can you imagine being able to eat anything you want again, without bothersome bridges or dentures that need to be taken out and washed every night or even after every meal? This can be a reality for nearly everyone!

Dental implants and dental solutions based on them (like an All-on-4) are the closest thing to having your original teeth back. No need to take an appliance off to clean it anymore. No need to take special care. You can eat just like you used to.
Many Americans, tired of settling for a second-best solution are instead, taking a short trip to Central America to get a permanent solution for these three compelling reasons.

  1. The Cost

Why do Americans settle for a removable denture or a removable bridge? Usually it is because they can’t afford a permanent solution. By traveling to receive an All-on-4 Costa Rica, you can regain your ability to chew and eat normally with a permanent fixed prosthesis at a fraction of the cost. Depending on your state and the specific tests and the needs you have, you might end up paying 50% or 70% or less of the cost of what you’d pay in the US, and that’s including airfare and hotel expenses, which are often a very small fraction of the overall cost.

  1. Dental Care is Better in Costa Rica

The savings for dental care is great in Costa Rica. But you’ll be glad to know that Goodness Dental offers a highest quality dental experience than dental clinics in the USA. Global Clinic Rating ranks Goodness Dental as one of the top ten dental clinics in the world, out of 126,000 total dental clinics worldwide. In fact, no other dental clinic in the USA, Canada or any other country in the Americas ranks as high as Goodness Dental. With an in-house dental lab, in-house radiology department, highly-trained specialists, and the most compassionate dental team, patients are amazed that they waited so long to come to Goodness Dental.
Our doctors, including general dentists, prosthodontists, endodontists, periodontists and maxillofacial surgeons rate as leaders in their specialty and all speak fluent English. Our dental lab, clinic treatment rooms and our radiology department with panoramic x-rays, CT Scanner and cephalometric equipment are equipped with the latest tools and materials that meet international standards. Our patients routinely tell us that the dental care they receive at Goodness Dental is far superior in quality and results than the care they receive at home.
Goodness Dental stand behind their work with a lifetime guarantee on dental implants. No other clinic in the world offers a lifetime guarantee on dental implants…quite like Goodness Dental. Regardless of how you lose your implants, through a biological failure, technical failure or even an accident that causes the loss of your dental implant several years down the road, Goodness Dental will replace your dental implant at no additional charge. No other clinic in the world offers such a generous guarantee.

  1. A Stay in Paradise

In almost all cases, American patients who come to get dental treatment are not coming on an urgent basis. That allows them to come a few days or a week in advance and enjoy the many attractions that these countries offer. Amazing nature and wildlife, sandy beaches, culture-rich cities, and incredible food are just a few of the reasons that our patients return time and again to enjoy dental care with Goodness Dental in Costa Rica. Patients enjoy massages from $40, coffee tours, whale-watching, sport fishing, incredible shopping in addition to world-class dental care.

If this sounds good to you, don’t hold back. It costs nothing to pick up the phone and discover what’s possible for you. Call Goodness Dental today: 866-406-2744

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