Dental Pain Management in Costa Rica


Dental Pain Management in Costa Rica

There are many reasons that an individual may neglect to care for their teeth. For example, if you have been unable to pay for the dental care you need, even thinking about getting the full-mouth dental restoration you may need could be emotionally difficult.

For some people it is the fear of pain. Perhaps in childhood, in an era when pain management was not as sophisticated as it is today, you may have experienced trauma in the dental chair. While we understand being afraid of a “repeat performance,” we promise that pain management is our number one priority. Most patients report feeling little or no pain at all during their dental care with Goodness Dental.

Pain Management

Pain management has been a major area of progress in dental treatment. For example, you no longer have to fear the administration of dental anesthetics. We now use a topical anesthetic to numb your gums before any injection. Most patients do not even feel the tiny prick of the needle.

However, for some people, the fear of pain is minor compared to the concern about the cost for quality dental care. Many people have never had dental insurance. Dental care is not covered by Medicare unless you are hospitalized, for example if you’ve been in an accident. For many people the economic reality of high-cost dental care means that the care that they need is simply not affordable. This is why so many patients are choosing dental tourism in Costa Rica.

Options for Pain Management

One option that people are pursuing these days is the option of obtaining affordable high-quality dental care in Costa Rica. Goodness Dental is committed to helping you obtain the care that you need at prices that are significantly less than they are in your home country. Not only do we provide quality dental care, our highly trained English-speaking specialists and dental staff is supervised by retired dentists from the US.

We are committed to making it easy to get the dental care you need. It all starts with a phone call from you. Let’s talk today and see if we can’t make a plan to restore your mouth to comfort and good health.