Why Do Dental Implants Cost So Much? And What Can I Do About That?


dental implants cost

A dental implant is a tiny metal stud that is inserted into the jaw bone. After the implant fuses with the jawbone, a crown or prosthesis is placed on top of it, to provide the patient with safe and long-lasting teeth. It’s hard to an imagine that such a tiny piece of dental hardware could possibly cost thousands of dollars.

It’s easy to understand why this cost could be so confusing. But there’s really more to it then just a small piece of ordinary metal. So, let’s look into what you are really paying for.

To begin, that is no ordinary piece of metal. In fact, it’s a very special type of metal (generally titanium) that is both bio-compatible (that means your body is unlikely to reject it) and it allows your body to integrate the implant into the bone. In a few weeks, the implant becomes part of your jaw bone by encouraging the bone tissue to grow into and through the titanium implant.

This little device is an example of sophisticated technology that took years to research and refine and a major investment to develop. Additionally, the manufacturing process requires a high tech lab and perfectly sterile conditions. It also requires specialists with the technical know-how to create these intricate devices in a high-tech manufacturing facility. In short, each implant must be precise and ready for implantation. There is no room for error.

But the story doesn’t end there. The placement of dental implants requires a specialist and special equipment.  Many dental clinics in Costa Rica use general dentists to place dental implants. Sure, these dentists may have some special certificates from an occasional continued education course. But this is no substitute for the experience of a specialist.

At Goodness Dental, our patients receive the highest level of specialized care. At Goodness Dental, dental implants are placed by a Periodontist or a Maxillofacial Surgeon…the only two specialists qualified to place dental implants. Patients that choose lower-priced implants often make the mistake of allowing a general dentist to place their implants. This is like allowing a general surgeon to perform your knee or hip replacement surgery. These surgeries require an orthopedic surgeon. In the same way, dental implants should always be placed by a Periodontist or Maxillofacial Surgeon. Our dental implants may cost a little more, but guaranteed safety and quality should cost more. Dental implants at Goodness Dental, also come with a lifetime guarantee…in writing.

Now that the implant has become like a part of your jaw bone, a special crown will be attached to it. Or if you are replacing several teeth, a special bridge or dental arch will be attached to a number of implants. Again, these require special treatment but the result will be a life-long ability to chew normally with the same comfort and care as natural teeth.

By now the value of dental implants should be clear. Yes, they are more expensive than other solutions, but the results are so much more natural and enduring.

And what can you do about the cost?

That’s simple. Visit Goodness Dental in Costa Rica where you can save money while receiving world-class treatment in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Most patients report saving fifty to seventy percent, including travel expenses and accommodations. It will be one of the best investments you ever made.

Read our patient reviews and give us a call to learn more about how we can help give you an amazing smile with dental implants.