Why Do Dentists Prescribe Antibiotics?

At some time or another, most of us have received a prescription for antibiotics, perhaps for the treatment of a bacterial infection. It makes sense to take antibiotics to fight infection. But oftentimes, our patients are surprised when our dentists prescribe antibiotics prior to starting dental treatment such as dental implants.

For most patients, dental tourism in Costa Rica and be anxiety-inducing. Patients may also have concerns about taking medication in a foreign country, prescribed by a foreign doctor. Some patients assume that they don’t need antibiotics. Some figure that given that they don’t have an infection, so they don’t need to take the antibiotics or even fill the prescription. Perhaps they consider it an easy way to save some money.

What if I don’t take the antibiotics?

Not taking the antibiotics that a dentist prescribes would be a mistake with potentially serious consequences. It is important that you understand why. Antibiotics are commonly prescribed by dentists in the USA. It is the same for patients seeking dental care in Costa Rica.

Bacteria in the mouth is common. It is one of the reasons that frequent teeth brushing is part of routine daily dental care. But procedures that involves extracting a tooth or cutting gums create dangerous opportunities for bacteria to enter the bloodstream and potentially can cause sepsis, or a massive, even life-threatening infection. That is why when there is any kind of surgery or the potential for infection, antibiotics will typically be prescribed.

Antibiotics are also important when there clearly is an infection. For example, if you have an abscessed tooth, or root canal therapy where there is infection. Antibiotics are also prescribed when there is already an infection that needs to be treated to prevent its spreading as well as to prevent infection where the growth of bacteria is high.

It is important to follow your dentist’s instructions about how to take the antibiotics exactly. Some patients stop taking a medication when they begin to feel better. With antibiotics, the rule is simple: take all of your medication as prescribed.

If your dentist prescribes an antibiotic, you should follow the directions and take the medicine when the dentists says and exactly how much the dentist tells you to take. And this is also important: Take the medicine until it is all gone EVEN IF YOU ARE FEELING JUST FINE. Completing the entire treatment is especially true for antibiotics.

Our dentists are committed to your health. Preventing and treating infections is an important part of modern dentistry. Goodness Dental is consistently ranked among the top ten dental clinics in the world and the best dental clinic in Costa Rica. Contact us and let’s start a conversation about your dental care in Costa Rica. Our team of compassionate and talented specialists is waiting for you.