Get the Best Dental Implants: Focus on Quality and Price

Best Implants

The best option for replacing lost teeth is dental implants. In most cases, dental implants are a better solution than dentures and removable bridges. The best dental implants are durable, resistant and natural-looking; and they last for a lifetime.


Here are some good tips to help you get the best dental implants.

TIP #1: Talk to Your Dentist

Even minor dental surgery creates some fear and apprehension. The way your dentist speaks to you and makes you feel is important to help reduce or eliminate stress. When you talk to your dentist about the procedure, in addition to all the pertinent questions, you should also ask yourself if the dentist makes you feel at ease, or on the contrary, makes you feel like a number or an annoyance. Obviously, if you can’t even talk to the dentist in comfort, then it’s not a good sign.


TIP #2: Get Information About What the Procedure Entails

While you should always consult a dentist, dental implants are a well-established, standard procedure with few complications and there’s plenty of reliable information online. If you do some research, you’ll be able to ask pertinent questions to your dentist and understand better his or her explanations.


TIP #3: Work with a Dentist Who is Fluent in English

If you are getting dental work in Costa Rica like many Americans are doing, make sure that your dentist is fluent in English. Experienced dental tourism dentists are often fluent in English, to satisfy the constantly increasing demand of international patients arriving daily. This is yet another reason why it’s a good idea to talk with your dentist beforehand. You’ll get a better result by talking with a person who understands your questions and who will give you explanations and instructions in your mother tongue.


TIP #4: Consider Getting Other Dental Work Done

If you plan to receive dental care in Costa Rica, you might want to consider additional dental work that you might need or to bring family and friends that might also need dental care. Families that get dental care together often end up having more fun! For example, if you are traveling to Costa Rica with family or friends, ask them if they need any dental work as well. Doing so will split the cost of the trip among the different procedures and might very well save you quite a bit of money.


TIP #5: Ask about Guarantees

The best quality dental materials come with a guarantee against breakage or other defects within a period of years. Asking if the materials come with a guarantee is one way to assure that you are getting quality implants and crowns, etc. Goodness Dental is the only dental clinic to offer a lifetime guarantee on dental implants. We’ll even put this guarantee in writing.


TIP #6: Obtain Several Quotes to Compare

Finally, take your time to obtain a few quotes and compare prices. While you’re at it, take into account the cost of plane and tickets, especially if you’re planning a vacation. That way, you’ll be able to choose the best option for you. Remember, the best care is rarely the least expensive…and the least expensive care is rarely the best. Goodness Dental offers the highest quality care and materials at competitive prices that save our patients an average of 50% to 70% when compared to costs for dental care in the USA. Patients that choose the lowest priced dental care often regret their decisions.


Goodness Dental is the highest ranked dental clinic in Costa Rica for a simple reason…we care about our patients. This makes all the difference.