Getting an Affordable Full-Mouth Restoration Abroad

full-mouth restoration

The greatest pleasures in life are often pretty simple. Being able to eat without worry is one of those simple pleasures. Sadly, many people are robbed of carefree eating by dental disease or trauma that results in pain and severe tooth loss.

When you’re missing several teeth, you need to watch what you eat and stick to soft foods. Chewing becomes a chore and it might not even be possible in some cases. You may find that you have to remove pieces of food from your mouth because they are too hard to chew and you don’t want to swallow them whole.

Unfortunately, the solution that would give you back an attractive and fully functional set of teeth, often called a full-mouth restoration — is often out of financial reach.

Affordable Full-Mouth Restoration

The primary reason both Americans and Canadians come to Costa Rica is for a full-mouth restoration. Americans come for the affordable prices, where they can save 50% to 70% on implants and full-mouth restoration. Many Canadians come to Costa Rica to avoid month after month of waiting to see a specialist.

For many people traveling to Costa Rica for dental care, the difference in price between dental procedures in the US and Central America is so great that you can often pay for the travel costs and a hotel for two visits and you’ll still spend significantly less than you would if you had treatment back home.

By the way, when we say traveling to Costa Rica two times, it’s because typically you’ll need to make two visits. A full-mouth restoration, or one of its many related solutions, like an All-on-4, requires an initial surgery to insert implants into your jawbone, and then a second procedure 4-6 months later to install the restoration (usually crowns or a denture-like dental arch). The reason for this wait is that it takes a few months for the implant to literally fuse with your jawbone and acquire the strength of your original teeth.

Many American and Canadian patients are surprised to see that our dental clinics have the same equipment and use the same materials used in the top dental clinics in the USA. Also, with many dentists having received their training in top dental schools in North and Central America, you’ll find that dentists we work with are fluent in English and that you’ll be able to communicate your needs, questions, and expectations in your native language.

There is no need to forfeit the joy of eating. Come to Goodness Dental in Costa Rica and put the pleasure back on your plate. Fill out a form on this website to receive a free consultation with one of our trained dental patient coordinators.

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