Getting Dental Implants in Costa Rica the American Way


With the advent of dental tourism, many American patients are now looking for affordable dental care outside the borders of the United States, especially for affordable dental implants. Most patients prefer to receive their dental care close to home, but with the high price of dental care across the USA, it might not be financially convenient or even possible for some.

Some patients who need dental implants settle for affordable yet sub-par solutions close to home, or after determining that they cannot afford the care they need, they just go without treatment at all, preferring to wait until someday they can afford the care they need.

Goodness Dental, in Costa Rica, offers American patients the best of both worlds. We have invested heavily in the finest, most cutting-edge equipment and materials, and our dentists are well-trained in modern dental techniques and communicate with almost perfect English.

So, why do many Americans prefer their dental care and dental implants the American Way?

Simple, because the American way is the best.

Goodness Dental knows this and that’s what separates us from the rest of the dental clinics in Costa Rica. We are American-owned and our patient coordinators are retired American dentists. We know what you expect and we deliver. We make sure that our equipment, materials, and procedures meet the same standards that are required in the United States. And while many of us love to learn Spanish, we make sure that all our staff can communicate with you in English, especially our dentists and lab technicians.

Having said that, we don’t underestimate the value and service of our Latin American staff. We are unique in that we offer American quality and service as well as Latin American warmth and hospitality. Coming from a culture where personal relationships are highly valued, every member of our local team makes sure that each patient feels like our amigo, our friend, and not one more name on a list. With a smile always on their lips and a friendly demeanor, our patients feel at ease the moment they set foot in our clinic.

Lastly, American dentists and Latin American hospitality are complemented by prices that are competitive in the international market. Within a few hours by plane, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars and even take a vacation for a few days before your dental procedure. Savings will depend on the specific procedure and your unique needs. In general, the more dental procedures you need, the bigger the savings. In fact, many Americans bring their spouses or children with them for minor dental care in order to increase their savings.

American-Owned Dental ClinicSo, come to Goodness Dental and get the dental implants you need at prices you can afford. Do it the American way, saving from 50% to 70% and with the top ranked dental clinic in Costa Rica…Goodness Dental. We are American-owned and proud to offer our patients the very best care at huge savings when compared to dental care in the USA.

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