Project Santa Claus

A single gift has the power to transform lives.

To see the anticipation in a child’s eyes and the pure joy expressed in a smile…these are moments of transformation for both the giver and receiver. Each year, as Christmas approaches and the malls fill with busy shoppers, the poorest among us still struggle to provide their families with basic needs, and have little left to purchase toys for their children.

Goodness Dental Costa Rica has found a way to spread a little sunshine to those that poverty and disease have kept in darkness. Each year, just before Christmas, our staff and our families dress as Santa and his elves to give away hundreds of toys to children in need. Our generous patients from around the world to join us in donating money to purchase soccer balls, dolls and toys of every shape and size to spread smiles at Christmas.

Project Santa Claus Talamanca
Patrick Goodness (also known as Santa Claus)
Project Santa Claus Talamanca
Project Santa Claus impacts everyone in the community
Project Santa Claus Talamanca
Santa Claus visited Talamanca in 2016


Even as temperatures reach 90+ degrees, our Santa in his red wool suit and polished black boots, gives toys to more than 800 children, who wait patiently in line for their moment with Mr. Claus. In wonder, they approach and hold his white gloved hand, and climb on his lap to whisper their Christmas hopes. No child is turned away and no child leaves without a toy and a special moment with Santa.

The moments we share with these children and their grateful parents are among the happiest and most fulfilling moments of our year.

What we have discovered along the way is what Ralph Waldo Emerson so perfectly writes: “The greatest gift is a portion of thyself.”

By choosing Goodness Dental, your support helps provide Christmas gifts to those living in poverty. Your support also helps us work with communities to provide education in oral health and nutrition.