Managing your Dental Pain and Understanding Prescriptions in Costa Rica

Dental Pain Management in Costa Rica


Pain management is routinely required for some dental procedures. Goodness Dental promises to provide respectful care and appropriate management of dental pain. Most often, dental pain management is for acute or episodic situations. It requires short-term prescriptions for pain medication. For many conditions, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or a combination of the two will alleviate dental pain. Small doses of prescription medications followed by over-the-counter medications (OTCs) will provide appropriate pain relief.

Pain Management Guidelines

  • We may ask if patients are receiving medication from other doctors. We may also consult with prescription drug monitoring programs. Our doctors will not prescribe opioids to patients.
  • Our staff will not prescribe opioids to patients.
  • They will not offer prescriptions with refills. We may choose not to replace prescriptions that were lost, destroyed, or stolen.
  • We will not prescribe over the phone, especially with patients we have not met.
  • Our dental team will discourage the use of non-combination opioids.
  • Prolonged pain management (while awaiting specialty care) will be managed by and/or coordinated with the patient’s primary care provider.