Post-Treatment Energy Healing: Reiki

Specialty Holistic Healing

Every dental/surgical procedure takes a toll on the body. After the procedure is complete, it will take time for the patient to heal. Until healing is complete, the patient cannot return to his or her normal life. To speed the recovery, surgical patients often spend time resting, taking medication or participating in various types of therapy. Some people may also schedule Reiki sessions with the goal of encouraging the body to heal more quickly.


Surgery affects the body in many ways. Some of the most notable effects of surgery include:

  • Short-term effects of anesthesia.
  • The short-term effects of anesthesia may include drowsiness, sore throat, nausea, confusion, itching and chills. Most people experience these symptoms most intensely on the day of surgery, but symptoms can linger for some individuals.
  • Surgically-induced stress response.

Following surgery or any other severe trauma, various hormonal and metabolic changes occur in the body in response to the stress.

How REIKI after Surgery can help

Research studies have shown that Reiki offers different benefits, some of which may be beneficial to people who are recovering from a surgical procedure.

  • REIKI MAY REDUCE ANXIETY BEFORE AND AFTER SURGERY: Multiple research studies have explored the possibility of using Reiki to help patients who are preparing for or recovering from surgery. These studies have shown that people who participate in Reiki sessions before and after surgery are less likely to feel anxious than those who do not. Because anxiety may inhibit the healing process, it stands to reason that reducing anxiety through Reiki sessions may be beneficial to the healing process.
  • REIKI MAY HELP PREVENT OR REDUCE DEPRESSION AFTER SURGERY: Studies have shown that Reiki may reduce depression and help people to feel more optimistic. Thus, people who participate in Reiki sessions after surgery may be less likely to feel depressed and more likely to be proactive in their recovery.
  • REIKI MAY REDUCE STRESS LEVELS: Stress causes inflammation to build up in the body, which may delay healing. Research shows that people who participate in Reiki sessions report feeling less stressed and more relaxed. People who have undergone a surgical procedure may be able to use Reiki to reduce their stress levels and encourage faster healing.
  • REIKI MAY IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF SLEEP: When the body is trying to heal from an injury, trauma or surgical procedure, good quality sleep is essential. Reiki produces feelings of relaxation for many clients, and people often report that they notice improved sleep quality after beginning Reiki therapy.
  • REIKI MAY REDUCE SENSATIONS OF PAIN: Pain is common after surgery. If the pain is severe, it may even slow the healing process by preventing the individual from participating in physical activity necessary to promote recovery. However, Reiki may reduce sensations of pain following surgery.